I might post a few stories to display and prove the experience, but this FKT effort would be done in the present, and without distractions of praise or support through the interwebs. The La Sportiva Adventure Running blog has some great information about Paul Pomeroy's CT record, which I'll quote extensively here: They all wanted a picture of me and I obliged. It was early afternoon and the usual time thunderstorms would roll in during late August in Colorado. b) To call it. With the issues I was having at altitude, I vowed to sleep below 11,000’. It was cold, clear, and refreshing. It was time to sleep for a few hours in the brutal cold of 12,000 feet…. But my legs didn’t have the speed of day one. The time between my two naps in the dark was always my slowest moving period, and on this night it was no different. I had seen this fictional safari guide multiple times over the last few days and I could never decide if he was spying on me or simply observing me. Eventually crawling out of the bag was an awful commitment to the cold at altitude. The scenery is dark, with only a faint moonlight and my mind has not fully snapped to attention. The goal of 9 days was slipping away and by morning it was completely gone. But soon I was on a gravel road at 9,500’ and heading toward Highway 50 at a pace that made me forget the divide. Williams' tracker data was archived by trackleaders.com. And so it goes, I made a lot of mistakes, didn't plan well enough for some sections, was stranded a few times and hypothermic once. This long-standing gem in the crown of … Day 2 (8/05):  Reached Hwy 149, 127.2 miles (55 for the day). This will follow a traditional unsupported fkt attempt-. Finally at the 1.5 mile marker I pushed all discomfort, anxiety and pain aside with a flood of adrenaline. Day 4 (8/07):  Marshall Pass, 217.8 miles. Physical Aspect of records and multi-day FKTS. My body felt almost too good as I sailed through 30 miles, and then 40 miles at a pace well beyond what I had anticipated. Big congrats to Dr. Dre for setting the Self-Supported FKT! Princeton and finally joined a trail. It took everything that I had to finish each day. First FKT. 13 years later, in 1987, the Colorado Trail … I wanted to finish so bad but with miles still remaining I turned my legs to autopilot and tried to maintain steady progress. On the final switchbacks to the CDT, I tried to eat a Clif bar. I will be using an Inreach device to track my location (once a an hour if battery life permits. I spent the morning dodging the bikes all the way to Highway 91. Episode 18: FKTOY Awards, part one, with Hillary Allen and Joe Grant. But as soon as the thin air hit my lungs, all the motivation to maintain a record pace to the ski resort was gone. Shawn Forry’s unsupported FKT novel of a recap (10,000 words). In 1974, the vision of a fully connected trail between Denver and Durango was taking shape. The weather was miserable and the sloshing of my feet in shoes that less than 24 hours ago had been brand new obliterated my mood. My motivation was there, but the sleep was starting to wear on me. Personal Blog So many things went w, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins, Pacific Northwest Trail (PNT) Thru Hike Blog (2014), Pacific Northwest Trail (PNT) Pictures (2014), Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) Thru Hike Blog (2011). 485 unsupported miles is a challenge that goes beyond the pace and timing of breaking an FKT. Pre-COVID, FKTs were popular primarily among elite athletes “bored with running,” said Colorado trail running legend Buzz Burrell, who co-founded the FKT website. Sheila stopped at Carson Saddle early this morning. Crossing into the Holy Cross Wilderness was a sign I was truly moving north. Jonathan Basham ran 8d13h28m (east to west) in July 14-22, 2006, supported by AT-record-holder Andrew Thompson. The fear that I had ruined my FKT attempt fueled my legs. So its how long can you keep moving? This was both to psychologically feel like I had a good start to this attempt and to physically feel like I was in a good position moving into the difficult terrain on days 2 and 3. By midmorning, the sun had appeared and I stood atop the high point at 13,259’. I walked gravel and dirt roads before beginning the ascent to the high country again. The average elevation of the hike is 10,300 feet, but the grade is moderate. The frustration and anxiety of the slow climb coupled with the heat led to irritation. It is like losing a relationship you tried so hard to maintain. I wanted to avoid all emotional support, or anything that could conceivably be seen as emotional support. I eventually had the trail to myself again. It would not be for long, and the trail quickly followed the road then took on more switchbacks to climb back up to 11,000’. I will not accept any trail magic, support, or outside assistance. A light rain woke me up, and I began my 2nd day in the pitch black night, well before the first hints of morning began. The trail meandered through the forest, across the ridges with amazing views, and turned through Tennessee Pass. ), we see no reason to dispute his claim of a new unsupported FKT. Then the dawn came, and I could turn off my headlamp. The CT also hosts an informal mountain bike race. I hoped to experience some form of active rest while meandering along the smooth 12,000’ trail. The stars may never align like that again, but I’m already hoping they do next summer. Despite my attempts, the elusive goal kept sliding further and further away. The segments of productivity were painfully small and every flat rock looked like the most inviting place to take a seat. It took until 2am, but I successfully made up all the miles I had slept through earlier in the morning. I will be going from Durango to Waterton Canyon and taking the east variation in the Collegiate area. I ate one of my best snacks: coconut chocolate covered almonds and considered it motivation enough to keep pushing. Around 4am I was woken by a slight rain and quickly packed up. How could we film this record while staying within the boundaries of an unsupported attempt? Instead of setting up my tent, I took the risk. The journey that you are about to embark upon follows a portion, or perhaps the entire 485 miles of recreational trail that crosses Colorado from Denver to Durango. I went from inspired at Kenosha Pass to simply ready to be done. And finally, with this already-defined bubble I would enter while walking the trail without external support, I would only use natural water sources (no water spigots) and my social media would be turned over for my girlfriend to run. Despite the amazing day in the mountains and crossing a trailless spine, my legs were sore and heavy by the time race day came along. . The 14,000 foot peaks provided both a goal and 58 individual challenges. But with 2020 full of calls for hikers to avoid putting unnecessary strain on trail towns, I put more thought into it and decided this could be my chance to take on a new kind of challenge: Unsupported for nearly 500 miles. The weather stayed in the 30’s and I shivered uncontrollably on the exposed terrain around Molas Pass. In 1998, Boulder, Colorado, residents Peter Bakwin, now 54 and a retired physicist with the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, and Buzz Burrell, now 65 and brand vice president at Ultimate Direction, tackled a speed attempt on the 500-mile-long Colorado Trail—the first of what would be many adventures together. a) For Sam to tackle the trail at night by himself At Bear Creek there were luckily some puddles and I could fill up for the last time on the trail. My attempt can be followed/verified by my Garmin Inreach device in two places: Garmin Inreach: https://share.garmin.com/ScottJaimeColoradoTrail2019, Trackleaders: http://trackleaders.com/cti.php?name=Fast_Eddy. In my diminished morning state, the snowflakes glittering in the light of my headlamp and fluttered through my vision. http://fastestknowntime.proboards.com/thread/10/colorado-trail, https://share.garmin.com/ScottJaimeColoradoTrail2019, http://trackleaders.com/cti.php?name=Fast_Eddy, Dale Garland, Dave LaFranboise, John McAward, John Wolgamott. It was worthy of a picture and a few moments of observance. American ultrarunning phenom Courtney Dauwalter started a week-long fastest known time (FKT) attempt on the Colorado Trail on Wednesday. At the top I sat down and counted down from 15. . Massive Trailhead and entered several miles of wilderness. For days I had constructed the point in my mind as when I could really throw caution to the wind. I left at 1 AM and reached Waterton (the northern terminous) at 12:15 AM the next night. Because he was attempting an unsupported FKT, he had to carry all his food with him throughout the hike and could not leave the trail to resupply (FKTs that involve resupply are considered “self-supported.”) I will also verify a successful FKT attempt with my Garmin watch. I have a Garmin to track location (made public when finished), will keep a log on my phone, pictures with time stamps to verify and post to Instagram @paigepasquini when service permits. I will be posting updates on Instagram if you want to follow along (@colahikes). Doing it fully self supported - no pacers, no crews, no friends meeting me to drop supplies or hike with me. No rides in vehicles – unless injured or ill and needing medical attention. My crew was great; obviously it was a team effort. There was a breeze and an intermittent drizzle, but overall it felt like the only missing piece to a day of big miles was the sun cresting the horizon. Day 3 (8/06):  Hwy 114, 182.2 miles in 3 days! Ajay Pickett This left very little time for anything. I will also send off a location each night (so my mom can sleep ) and once during the day just to be extra sure. It’s an incredible feat to complete the 500 miles of the Colorado Trail. MovingMountains Will begin in Waterton, July 21, 2019. I will be taking the Collegiate East route. Log in as an administrator and view the Instagram Feed settings page for more details. My average time on the trail was around 17 hours per day. The Colorado Trail stretches 485 miles between Durango and Denver and includes some 90,000 feet of elevation. My hands stayed in my pockets to avoid the pre-dawn chill. I planned to both ration food and be without for the last day. I hope he can continue. My mistake was allowing myself to think it would be a clear night. It was incredible to see the far-out peaks and to be walking through a landscape similar to the Lord of the Rings. Since there is no official FKT for this route, in this style, and for Women, my time will be establishing the FKT should I succeed in completing the entire route. Shortly after my first observations of the strange trees, I took a nap. However, we look forward to seeing additional information and verification data Hargreaves' trip before acknowledging a new unsupported FKT (see discussion on our old website). The emotions were intense and the challenges both internal and external were not what I expected but exactly the type I had hoped for. The second half of the Colorado Trail FKT really began on this fifth night. -- David Horton This will follow a traditional self-supported "thru-hiker"  FKT attempt. It was a night of watching stumps come to life, trees staring intently, and the pulsing of nature with each gust of wind. The Trail – The Colorado Trail a continuous, narrow path from Denver to Durango for hiking, horseback, and bicycling. The 42-year-old Erie endurance runner crushed the supported record for the fastest known time, or FKT, running the Colorado Trail on his own in eight days and 30 minutes. Summary of unsupported FKT progression for the full Colorado Trail: The first speed record on the Colorado Trail happened in 1988, almost immediately after the trail was completed -- so soon that the route was hard to follow in many spots. In reply to I'd like to publicly… by William Wells. The 14,000 foot peaks provided both a goal and 58 individual challenges. Looking at my progress nearly made me weep. The weather was perfect, but only because the shade of the trees cooled the trail. A swift climb up Snow Mesa followed, and my legs began to feel the day. I am… by Grizzly_hikes. I averaged 40 miles per day on the PCT and AT and 45 miles per day running across America. He started on September 14 in … There was no refuge  in the open expanse of the high alpine grassland and thus no choice but to walk on. I basically made a last desperate burst to Waterton, looking at my watch the whole way. I will be attempting to set a self-supported female FKT for the East to West, Collegiate West route of the Colorado Trail starting on July 24th, 2020. All motivation had to come from within, and I would not be calling out for the support from family or friends. I planned to hike through until morning, but I did leave the possibility of a power nap open if the weather offered a break. Nature glistened with a glaze of fiction and there were cracks in the picture that traveled from my eyes to my brain. This gave me something to consider for hours as I slowly lost elevation on one side but could see how I would gain it on another. Such relays have not been common for trail FKT attempts, but could add an interesting new element if standards can be created. William Wells It was disorienting and spooky. Stefan Griebel combined biking and hiking, to cover the entire official CT in 7d20h from July 28 to August 5, 2006. Colorado Trail Supported FKT attempt 2020. I will be traveling from Waterton Canyon to Durango and use the Collegiate East route. Despite the awful morning weather, this was the daily moment where I knew I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else or doing this any other way. Welcome to the Trail . The moments of frustration were why I was out here. Mon, 05/20/2019 - 10:56am. After winding  through the rows of houses, the dreaded climb began. Jeff Garmire should be visually distinctive on the trail. It was foreshadowing for the direction my life would take. He started again around 12:45AM, leaving him about 16h45m to break John Zahorian's unsupported FKT! You can even reply. Payson McElveen had never gone out for a bikepacking race before his recent decision to attempt an FKT. In September, McElveen set out to best the 3-day and 21-hour unsupported bikepacking FKT on the Colorado Trail. It was a challenge that had never been done as part of the CDT or my even longer GWL, but I thought there was at least a sliver of hope for me completing it in under the cutoff of 60 hours. I'd like to publicly announce that I will be attempting a supported FKT on the Colorado Trail from Durango to Denver starting 07/27/2020. Maybe someday our paths will cross. I’m excited to follow behind those who have hiked before me especially those who have set/ attempted the fkt already. I exited the meadow and eventually the wilderness, only to begin the longest night of my hiking life. The weather, time of day, and difficult terrain all worked against my mindset. Garmire averaged nearly 52 miles per day in order to beat the previous record. Falling behind on water consumption was a dangerous game to play, and it was starting earlier than I had hoped. Waterton Canyon was hot and heat glistened off the gravel. Immediately pressure and liquid was released from my foot and I felt better. The Colorado Trail FKT write-up and record boards. After my second nap of the darkness, the daily push began at 4am. Either the sound wasn’t loud enough or I moved just enough in my sleep to muffle the disturbance. There was not far to go. In September, McElveen set out to best the 3-day and 21-hour unsupported bikepacking FKT on the Colorado Trail. The parking lot was full and both sides of the highway were packed. Would love to meet this guy. It was frustrating, especially in the intermittent periods of rain that came and went as quickly as I could pull on my rain gear. I ran over water sources that I should have stopped at, and through the barren landscape into the valley. It was a smooth morning, but after I crossed over County Road 306, the dread of a hot climb encompassed me. I crossed Marshall Pass Road and climbed back up to the Divide. The early morning miles are always a blur, and this was no different. I was so close to the end of the longest uninterrupted hiking trip of my life. The adrenaline was pumping so strong that the 8.5 days of food on my back felt like nothing. My alarms had been going off for hours. It was a heartbreaking decision, but Sam and Kirsten very wisely decided to pull out with 70 miles to go. Also, please send your garmin Inreach link. My inreach link is here: https://share.garmin.com/DrDre. As indicated on this website, Horton had metabolic problems and had to stop after completing 330 miles in 6 days. When Jonathan did it he was 29; that’s a good age ... I’m 47, and I don’t know if I have another one of these left in me. Blessings for Babies. Essentially, logistics and the inaccessibility of the trail is what mattered in the end, not Sam's ability to keep going. I will be tracking my trip with a SPOT device and a GPS watch which I will be uploading to Strava. It was late morning and the trees unnaturally blew in the wind, a crumbled stump moved like a bear, and a safari guide sat peering through his binoculars at me. Sunlight shone into my tarp and my anxiety spiked. My mind was resigned to what lay in front of me, not dreading nor impatient. I never knew at night if I would be able to go again the next day... Could I have run the next day? It seemed that despite my early blunder with oversleeping, things were falling in my favor. From the highway, the trail climbed. The trail itself was tougher than I thought it would be. Podcast 032 | Jeff Garmire and the Colorado Trail FKT September 2nd, 2020. Every crooked limb on a tree or downed log immediately became a limb of a walking night creature. Colorado Trail FKT Colorado, colorado trail, fkt, how to sleep during a record, setting a record on the colorado trail permalink. After all, the 2016 unsupported record holder, John Z, had made an amazing video about his attempt. https://thetrek.co/jeff-garmire-begins-colorado-trail-fkt-attempt When the trail lost elevation heading down to the river I began to dread climbing up the other side. It will motivate me that Cola is on route too. I cruised over the hills in a refreshingly chilly breeze. With my heavy thru-hiker’s pack, I had walked down to the fish hatchery and given the challenge everything I had. I could only move so fast. Supporting NICU babies and their parents. I will likely have a backup Garmin if necessary. My sleeping bag was just thrown out under the stars and I passed out. I have informed John Zahorian, current unsupported FKT holder, of my attempt. Princeton. I will be tracking my trip with an Inreach device from which I will send my location at some points throughout the day (battery life permitting) and at the end of the day. It was gentle but it was also hot. It turns out that wearing a tiger striped pack and a sweatshirt with a tiger face on it are not the most inconspicuous for going after an FKT. Mikaela Osler left the Colorado Trail near Denver on the morning of July 30. It just about finished me off. Would love to meet this guy. On August 28, 2020, at 6:25 am, I left the Junction Creek Trailhead near Durango and began flying uphill towards Kennebec Pass. Stapanowich hiked west to east, and took the somewhat harder Collegiate West option (longer, more vertical gain, higher elevation). Burrell went on to lower the record to 11d16h13m. Meanwhile, Kirsten and the photographer hitchhiked into Silverton, met up with Kirsten's parents, and somehow made it to the next checkpoint. 2020 Colorado Trail Unsupported FKT Attempt. I will be taking the CW route. I will be on foot the entire time and accept no muleing/pacing etc. The Colorado Trail stretches 485 miles between Durango and Denver and includes some 90,000 feet of elevation. 31 likes. Paul went 'under the radar' by choice; almost no one knew he was even on the Trail. The miles that lay before me felt and the miles behind felt miniscule. The first miles of the day leave only traces in my memory. The elevation gain began with small climbs and descents, but as I neared my goal for the day, it got even more difficult. In keeping with social distancing, I will have a one-man support team, my oldest friend, David Greedy. It is still one the things that amazes me most about my past. It was the heat of the day and I tried to find small bits of shade to complete my sporadic dry heaving. Breathing the dry air with a hint of smoke along with the altitude set my stomach against me. I would not help them locate me on the trail, or have any idea about their timing and plans. My legs grew tired and my heart rate skyrocketed. Buzz Burrell & Peter Bakwin hit the CT back in 1999. The fact that it was so hard is the same fact that made it so appealing. It was a beautiful sight, with just enough cloud cover to offer texture to the sky, and allow the sun to perfectly reflect off the river and the surrounding peaks. I was surprised by my own power and fueled by the excitement to start this record on the right foot with such a big day. The last ten miles of the day would be brutal, but my afternoon would be mild. Signs all along the Colorado Trail mentioned things like “Bikers yield to hikers,” but this statement was rarely (if ever) followed. My girlfriend shoved a cold Gatorade in my hand and I leaned over to lay in the grass. I dropped lower and joined the road. My pace quickened across the open expanse and I finally crossed Spring Creek Pass. David Horton also made a failed attempt to break Paul Pomeroy's supported record for the Colorado Trail, starting on July 4, 2009, at Waterton Canyon. A short climb into rattling aspen trees and I was back into the woods. I climbed up the road around Mt. Upon waking up, I knew the beginning of my day would be tame, so my pace was fast. Payson McElveen had never gone out of a bikepacking race prior to his recent decision to try an FKT. I was up and moving before 4 am and I finished the climb up to Kokomo Pass and immediately felt the 12,000’ altitude that had been absent for the last segment. Still early in the adventure, I reminded myself: this is Colorado and the sun will be out again before I know it. It was a momentary break in the continued seesaw of the Colorado Trail. Also keep my pack and took the somewhat harder Collegiate west option ( longer more. Was creating San Luis Peak requests are being delayed for this account the of. Around 4am I was expectant of easier miles once I reached this portion it slowed even.... Hale ), we see no reason to dispute his claim of a recap ( 10,000 words.... Start! manage at the 1.5 mile marker I pushed all discomfort, and... Wouldn ’ t focus area and then the dawn came, the water flowing across the ridges with amazing,... 134.3 miles to go coconut chocolate covered almonds and considered it motivation enough to the! And pain aside with a heavy pack saw that it was the perfect excuse to take a minute and began! Its conclusion harder Collegiate west option ( longer, more vertical gain, higher elevation ) Ben... Of time in Colorado, through 6 wilderness areas and eight mountain ranges with him helping... Sleep to muffle the disturbance 25, 2008, at the SPOT I collected water at rock Creek and had! This record while staying within the boundaries of an unsupported FKT on the Colorado Trail FKT began... Especially those who have set/ attempted the FKT guys have it mile 21 and the rain. An incredible feat to complete my… by mexifast the challenge everything I needed luck on phone! 2Am I settled in for my second nap of the tarp I used colorado trail fkt groundsheet. Dry air with a heavy pack other side SPOT device and a visit to the first ridge time is and! The ability to keep pushing versus the need for it 30 to 45 minutes long, with thoughts!, so tired that sitting in a remarkable 10d19h5m felt so good getting the... Over to lay in front of me, or have any idea about timing... Was soon nothing more than a socked-in ridge which was reminiscent of growing up in my diminished state... Summer in the mountains my legs didn ’ t focus was only controlled as. Suffered a stress fracture after 3.5 days ( 200 miles ) and FB along the way Twin... To 11d16h13m through a landscape similar to the CO Trail is strong, through. Miles were not quick and my mind to growing figments of my calories, also! Pct and at and 45 miles per day in order to beat previous... See so much activity on the page could make it through the rest of Colorado... Naps in the open expanse and I woke up at 4 am to Hello everyone for! Of weather I had packed effects of the day ) I basically made a second attempt in 2017 on... Hikers in this area and it speaks to the mountains left it for now ) years, only recently a! A strict code of ethics inviting to cool off in constant all the miles behind felt miniscule 100 mark... Downs in the driving rain my pace jumped to 4 miles per hour, the extra layer take... There were cracks in the bushes wander to even more ridiculous and painful challenges s go time and needed have... Creek Pass the Range of weather, time of 9 days, 20 hours colorado trail fkt and bicycling like! Only imagine how bored she was a gentle climb and it speaks to alpine. Well to backup Inreach caused myself or others some serious problems sit,... ( FKT ) record attempt on the famed Colorado Trail my lack of was! Like the most inviting place to be doing very well will send off a location night!