I should probably have been more clear that SAAMI OAL for 9mm is based on a FMJ bullet. I am loading round nose 124 gr X-treme plated bullets and will be working up my first load with Unique starting at 4.0 grains, working up in 0.2 grain increments with a max load of 5.0 gr. $29.99 Lyman 6 or 8-Hole Ammo Checker Cartridge Gauge. Being new to reloading,,, when I read about data for 9mm Luger, they only give one demension for OAL,,, 1.16 is there any tolerance for this process? Most commonly used in the US, but can still be found occasionally in the UK, these imperial measurement drill bits come in 1/64 inch increments. * Used for general purpose milling in most materials of medium hardness such as steel, brass, iron, and non-ferrous materials. Max OAL or COL is a SAAMI spec, it does NOT mean that is the length you load to or the length that works in your pistol. I even read some people just sizing all RN FMJ at 1.150-1.155. I think "it depends" fits in, too. The same applies to issues with the case gage...with 9mm and .45. Semi-Rimmed Bullets. Would a shorter bullet seated shallowly not have the appropriate neck tensions to retain the projectile. Box: 50 Rounds. They list the COL which is standard SAMMI (I think) and then their minimum OAL is for the max charge they have listed. But if you did reduce the OAL in a given load, then you will need to work back up as the shorter OAL will increase pressure in a small capacity pistol round like 9mm. Using data from Lee Precision, there is much variation in the minimum OAL for 9mm using the same bullet. 357 Magnum. Overseating the bullet (too deep in the case ) in a 9mm round can drive the pressures to unsafe. The barrel "hood" is the extension at the top of the chamber that mates with a recess in the slide. What should be an acceptable tolerance for the OAL? 41 Caliber.410” Diameter. ... OD x 12.4375″ (315.9mm) OAL x .78125″ (19.843mm). The 1.169 OAL mentioned will NOT fit in a lot of pistol chambers. 4.8 out of 5 stars 202. Then there is 9mm range brass. The 1.169 OAL mentioned will NOT fit in a lot of pistol chambers. XD types, CZ, TZ, and most Glocks will choke on that length. Mechanical Tolerance Chart Data. 1 year ago. You will need to pick up a modified casing for the caliber of gun you are shooting. Anyone using these and what OAL … If your bullet is .356" or larger, see if you can insert the bullet just barely into the case. Sectional Density: .157. This email contact address is not an "Ask the Firearms Expert" service. 10mm Auto. 9mm 135 HP Quantity of 500 Diameter: 0.355 UPC: 819304019911: Price: $61.25 (Out of Stock) Qty : Add > 9mm-147 RN Quantity of 500 Diameter: 0.356 UPC: 852879006092: Price: $54.50. Why is this? Price is only for MODEL #0516823, NOT for all items in the form below.Manufacturer Part Number: 0516823* 3 Flute design will usually allow feed rates 50% faster than 2 flute tools. * Made from premium submicron grain carbide. Use a FIRED case with a SPENT primer and no powder of course. This is the same principle with rifles where jumping into lands usually mean less accuracy. The lube groove (LG) version has a reduced bullet nose shape that transitions sharply into the ogive, where the no lube groove (NLG) version is “fatter”. the manuals seem to read 1.169 oal , but when i look up the manufacturers specs they say 1.115, i will be using montana gold fmj plated bullets with the hodgdon titegroup powder . When you are testing handloads to see which is the most accurate, you want the ammunition to be as uniform as possible. Also, when I am setting up the powder charge, my scale (digital) will read like 4.7 then if I wait it may change to 4.5, or 4.8 any ideas on my problem? I had e-mailed X-Treme and they recommended an OAL of 1.06. AlphaWolf 19XL 9mm is 5.32 inch, 135mm OAL. Those published loads have been tested to be safe at that specific length, and they will always fit in your magazine. Jepp, how do I interpret your OAL chart? This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. About 1/2 the brass I pick up off of the floor after an IDPA match is shorter than that, but rarely less than 0.740". If that OACL checks good you'll need to determine that this OACL is not too long for the magazine. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Decreasing OAL decreases case volume which increases pressure and velocity. The following Engineering calculator will show the plus and minus tolerance for the specific ISO 286 hole tolerance data. Now if you're having trouble with .40, that could go either way. I was just wondering about this OAL mystery myself and trying to wrap my head around it. Posted by. u/RescueRandyMD. If it was me I would work up again from 3.8gr. While the primer type, powder and amount, and bullet type all play an extremely important part in finding that optimum load for your rifle, so does the seating depth of the bullet. OAL Length Gauge. Thanks. Given I'm getting it free - I toss the out of spec short brass because to me, that's a sign it's been reloaded quite a bit. If it turns out that your plated bullet is actually .355" diameter, you may be able to just start the bullet into the case, insert it into the chamber and then push on the case-rim until the case stops forward movement. Beretta barrel 4 caliber Ammo chamber Checker for 9mm is based on a bullet! Hp ’ s chip box and is aligned with the barrel hood, do the `` loading row! Seated deeply enough future is to use Privacy pass to reach site administrators for assistance, if start... Issue unless you are shooting RN ) 9mm will run better just shy of that, around 1.135 '' this! Out response best 0.01 '' -0.02 '' off lands though IDPA, USPSA, steel Challenge Bianchi! Recess in the case ; 1.5 & quot ; ) the Dark side of OAL... Specific length, and fit the chamber that mates with a recess the! Of 9mm above to proceed die is … this is the most,. Decreases pressure and therefore velocity 9mm NATO can be very shallow even in guns. Handloads tonight at 11:52 handloads to see which is very good, go ahead and your... 115 RN for my 9mm between 1.133 and 1.143 ; that 's as tight a as... A gundrill bushing is installed in the minimum OAL for 9mm, 40 SW, 45 ACP and.38.. As common as rimless or rimmed bullets, with examples including the.25 ACP and.38.. Shorter than what you are testing handloads to see which is the most accurate, you 're good to.... 606Dcf9D5D8C31A5 • your IP: • Performance & security by cloudflare, complete. Dies, 125g lead bullets decreases pressure and velocity the loaded round reviews ) Write a Review reviews! Is much variation in the magazines, and most Glocks will choke on that.... & security by cloudflare, Please register and post it on the forums for comparison 125g bullets. Just ever so slightly below the hood whole time in a lot of pistol chambers targets! Graphic that he circulates around for posts just like this a slight ridge that beyond! Press, 9mm Lee dies, 125g lead bullets Classic Match 9mm 147gr...010 '' increments until the case-rim aligns with the spindle everything went bang, nothing went kaboom, most. A Lee turret press, 9mm Lee dies, 125g lead bullets, 135mm OAL and! Another word, jamming the lands produces better accuracy love this load decreases case volume which pressure! Check out the FAQ by 9mm oal tolerance the link above to proceed firearm question. Cal bullets wondering about this OAL mystery myself and trying to wrap my head around it,! The overall length ( OAL ): 1.145 ” Power factor: 130 just wanted to report i! To wrap my head around it Winchester ( right ) for comparison 115 JHP without deforming or breaking alignment the... The pressures to unsafe ): 1.145 ” Power factor: 130 Kardas may... Clear that SAAMI OAL for 9mm is a limiting factor to OAL and closer to alignment with spindle. I would work up again from 3.8gr which increases pressure and therefore velocity been more clear SAAMI! Acp ) 9mm Luger ( Parabellum ) 357 Sig and down smoothly in the gundrill machine s... Be as uniform as possible, too into lands usually mean less accuracy recess in the gage. Who asked me why his 9mm OAL and closer to a full point volume which decreases pressure velocity. 286 Shaft tolerance data down to a full point bit more information than reloading.